Getting in the Holiday Spirit


Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a happy week and, if you’re like me, I hope finals aren’t getting you down too much. It’s December so it is officially acceptable for me to discuss all my Holiday swag (even though I have been singing Christmas songs on the down-low since September).


Remember that you don’t need to be decked out in bright red and green to look festive. In fact, it’s often easier to wear neutral colors with Holiday accessories. Here are a few ideas…


Holiday Sweaters that actually aren’t ugly!

Loft’s Beautiful Reindeer Sweater

A beautiful piece that isn’t red or green from Loft.


Belk’s Winter Sweater

I love this turtleneck piece from Belk. The fabric reminds me of little snowballs


Gorgeous earrings to complete a December outfit

Beautiful bows from Kate Spade

I absolutely love these earrings. I couldn’t find them on the website but they are available on ebay.


My favorite purchase from Charming Charlie

I bought these a few weeks ago from Charming Charlie and they are my absolute favorite! They dress up any outfit and are perfect with a black dress for the holiday seasons.


Practical and Perfect Additions to Any Outfit

Scarf to cut Jack Frost’s nippy cold

This scarf from JC Penney will keep you warm and add a pop of Christmas color to your wardrobe.


The only way to catch fly aways this month

Another great find from Charming Charlie.

I hope you like some of the pieces I’ve suggested. Stay warm, be fabulous, and have some happy holidays!!!!


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