Great Gifts For Anyone


Everyone knows that awkward moment where you have to get a gift for someone you don’t know too well or who is just plain hard to shop for. As easy as store gift cards can be, here are a few other ideas in case you’re stuck on what to get someone this holiday season.


Gift Card to a Restaurant

Yes, I know I said no to store gift cards, but I have a soft spot for restaurant gift cards. It’s a bit more creative and will provide the recipient with a nice night out possibly to a restaurant they’ve never been to.


Laline Products

It’s a safe bet to say that most women love being pampered with bath products. Laline is a company relatively new to the USA, currently based in NYC. I absolutely LOVE it! I recommend getting matching scents of body scrub, body soap, and body cream. My personal favorite scents are Vanilla Pink Pepper and Monoi. Check out the site for more information.

Laline’s super cute NYC themed collection


Blue Apron

Provide someone the gift of cooking with Blue Apron – a company that conveniently delivers fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes. My sister recently participated in Blue Apron and loved her experience! It’s an especially great gift for individuals in their 20s who may still be struggling to master the art of cooking.


Cocktail book and bar set

Now this could possibly just be because I want one but I also believe that it’s a great gift. The best part about the bar set is depending on how well you know the recipient and what your budget is – there’s a wide range of options and prices. I’ve included two great options. The girly rose gold bar set is from Target. The classy cocktail book is from Anthropologie.

A whimsical bar set from Target
Lots of fun recipes to try


WWF Adopt an Animal

Make a donation to the World Wildlife Foundation to support their conservation efforts and you can send a themed gift. Information can be found here. This is a perfect gift for an animal or wildlife lover and the stuffed animals that come as a thank you are adorable. There are 50 animal species to choose from so you can choose the perfect pal for your friend.

Save the lemurs!



I hope these ideas are helpful. If you have any of your own or tried some of these, feel free to share your ideas and comments below. Happy shopping!




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