The ABCs of Managing Anxiety

Many college students suffer from bouts of anxiety. Whether your nerves come from going to a party with strangers, an upcoming Econ exam, or trying to balance your various extracurriculars, life can get overwhelming. I’ve amassed some tips from my own experiences and those of my friends to help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed and a bit too stimulated.

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now and just filling in the lines for a few minutes can be enough to calm you down.

Breath. Often times during a panic attack, people start to hyperventilate. Focus on your breathing and try to get it back under control.

Light some candles. A new scent can help calm your senses.

Dance it out light Cristina and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy. A five minute dance break to your favorite song can help you unwind fast.


Exercise. All those endorphins can really kick anxiety’s butt.

Find a distraction fast whether that is watching an episode of Friends or flipping through a magazine to get your focus off of anxious thoughts.

Make a game plan to tackle whatever is stressing you out.

Drink a hot beverage like hot cocoa or tea to soothe your mind.

Identify the cause of the anxiety. Knowing what your triggers are will help you in the future.

Journal how your feeling.


Meditate even if only for a few minutes.

Say “No” and don’t over commit. Prioritize yourself when you need to.

Organize your to-do list to help yourself feel more prepared and ready for the day.

Phone a friend.

Quit comparing yourself to others.

Reschedule what you can for the day so you can relax.

Take a hot shower.

Treat yourself to a nice, healthy meal.

Unplug from all electronics and social media for an hour.

Visualize your anxiety as a friend you need to comfort that is separate from yourself.


Go for a walk.

Take medication like Xanax if prescribed by your doctor. Medication can be very helpful. Also, not much else starts with X  🙂

Repeat “You are…” statements to encourage positivity and self-confidence. Statements I say to myself when nervous include “You are capable” and “You are good”

Catch some ZZZs by either taking a short nap or going to bed early that day.

I hope these are helpful for you in your future. Anxiety can really get in the way of your day and can feel isolating. But you’re not alone.

Comment below with any tips or tricks you’ve come across in your own experiences!


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