2017 Bullet Journal Set Up

This past 2016, I started a Bullet Journal system which is essentially a DIY planner. I’m starting fresh with a new one this 2017 and I’m so far super excited with how it’s come out so far. For more information on the Bullet Journal system check out the official website.


I purchased a beautiful blue Moleskin with dotted paper because the dots help me draw straight lines and organize the pages better. I use a combination of fine tip Sharpies, Maped Graph pens, Michael’s planner stickers, and tons of washi tape.

My first few pages include a key to how I label (I’m considering adding a color coding system if I decide to implement one) and the upcoming seventh months at a glance with big dates.



I have my 2017 goals and resolutions and right next to it I have  a list of activities for self-care for the future me who is anxious or nervous and needs a reminder of something soothing to do. Activities include treating myself to dessert, taking a walk, or painting my nails. The washi tape I used to embellish this page may be my new favorite because I love the soft floral – super feminine.


The next few pages are lists and brainstorms. I divided sections for books I want to read, TV shows I want to try, and movies I must see. The next list is a wine list (a must have for me) so that as I try new kinds, I can keep track of what I like and what I would like to purchase again. Finally, I have sections for any blog or novel ideas I have when out and about. Again, I used washi tape and stickers to label sections and make them more aesthetically pleasing.



This is my cleaning page which has a list of sections in my apartment I wish to declutter including my desk and pantry. I also have a list of chores I do every one or two weeks so I can keep track of the last time I’ve performed them. The doodle of Wall-E and Eve I just added to take up some space and add a bit of color. Plus, Wall-E was trying to clean up Earth so I feel like it’s almost relevant.



Now I jut have a page with an elephant doodle and two inspiring quotes for me. I like to throw in these kind of random pages every once in a while just to add some color. Plus, sometimes when you’re flipping through your planner thinking of all the things you have to do, it’s nice to see some motivation from yourself.



This is my monthly set up for January. I picked a blue color scheme because it reminds me of the snow up here in CT and seems orderly to me. I drew the mini calendar (with the help of the dotted paper) and labeled key dates with a colored circle, writing out what that dot corresponded to below the calendar. Red dots are for school/academic events and orange is for appointments. I have tasks and goals for the whole month, a section for upcoming notes including things for next month, and an overall  notes section for any random ideas or reminders I need. I always include a quote for every month that resonates with me- I usually find them off of Pinterest.


These are two of my weekly spreads. I prefer to look at what my whole week looks like overall rather than just a day at a time. So, on the left of each weekly, I have all the days of the week. Each day is split into two with tasks I have to do (such as a shift at work or an appointment) on the right of the dashed line and tasks I want to complete (like cleaning my room) on the left.

Then I include an overall to-do list divided into sections: general, academic, and blog/creative. I will probably adjust this once I go back to school to include a small section for each class to keep track of homework and assignments. I have a notes section, a gratitude section , and a weekly tracker of exercising twice a week, meditated twice a week, and maintaining my blog and YouTube channel. For each weekly I tried to add some visual interest with a small doodle or colorful sticker.


As you may have noticed, my handwriting/calligraphy isn’t great but this journal is more for me than anything else. My last bullet journal, I got a little obsessive with making it as creative as possible and I included themed weeks and so many 3-D stickers and colored pencils that it became to be a bit too much for me. Thus, I am now trying a more minimal approach and so far, I like it better. By sticking to the basics, it looks more organized which makes me feel more organized and thus better.


I hope you liked the ideas for my own bullet journal. Please comment with pictures of your own planner situation or ideas you have. I’m always looking for new spreads to add to my own planner!




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