Staying Organized in Spring Semester

With Spring semester starting to pick up steam, I thought I’d share my personal tips for staying organized and on top of life… or at least of my academic life!


Minimize To-do Lists

What I mean by this is do not keep track of all your different classes and activities in different places. Store all your notes and assignments in one place such as a planner or even just a simple to-do list on the note app in your phone. This way you always know where to look when you need to see what you’ve got to do and you won’t accidentally lose an important reminder.



Yes, getting ahead in a class reading is great… but not if you have homework for a different class due the next day. Often after making a to-do list, I prioritize 1-3 tasks/assignments that need to be completed first and I tend to choose these solely off of due dates.


Schedule in Some Fun

I always add a fun task to complete on my to-do list so that it does not look as daunting. For instance, under my current list of chapters to read for anatomy, I have tasked myself with painting my nails tonight. This will help you not hate your task list as much.

patrick star.gif
If only we could all live like Patrick Star…


Color Code Your Supplies

I color code my school supplies so that each class has a color. This helps me avoid accidentally bringing the wrong notebook to class. For example, my anatomy folder and notebook are both yellow so when packing up for that class, I just immediately grab them and don’t have to double check.


Have a Semester Overview Page

I use a Bullet Journal for a planner so I dedicate a page for this but this is also a great idea to add into a standard planner or even to create on an excel spreadsheet. I include all the months of the semester and then add important dates for each class so that I can quickly glance at what is coming up. Note that I only add important dates such as major exams or projects rather than small quizzes or homework – those can be looked at on a more week-by-week basis and don’t need as much planning.



Give Yourself a Break

If you forget to do something or start studying a bit later than you should have, it’s okay. You’re human after all and the goal of staying organized is not perfection, it’s to help you feeling confident and less anxious during the school year.




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