What do I do now?

This is what I have been ruminating on this week. This past Friday, I was accepted into medical school! I was so happy and every hour for the next few days, when I remembered that I got in, I started tearing up.

I feel as though everything I have done these past three years has been to move me closer towards this goal: an acceptance letter. And now, I’m here and as ecstatic as I am, it feels weird. What do I do now?

Obviously, my new dream is to graduate from medical school and go on to be a kick ass doctor, but for the time being I’ve created some new mini life goals to complete before entering into school.


Goals to Complete Before Medical School

1. Go glamping with some friends

Already booked the cabin for spring break with my besties!


2. Get a tattoo

Mom, if you’re reading this, sorry…


3. Memorize all the bones in the body

To get me somewhat prepared for what medical school will be like lol


4. Read all of Shakespeare’s comedies

The comedies tend to be my favorite (Beatrice is my dream role forever!) and I feel like this summer I should just hunker down and finally read them.


5. Do 5 pull ups

I have wanted to be strong enough to do 5 pull ups my entire life! This is the time to train enough to do it so that I can enter school in the best physical and mental shape of my life.


If you have any other fun tasks/goals for me to complete before august orientation hit me up!



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