Book Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

This week I read A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas.


When I say that I DEVOURED all 624 pages of this book, I am not exaggerating. Any moment that I wasn’t reading this story, I was thinking about reading it and as soon as I finished, my poor roommate Lauren had to hear me ramble about all the emotional turmoil and excitement that this book caused.


Now, I read the first book in this series a few weeks ago (check it out here) and I enjoyed it, but this sequel blew the first book out of the water!

If you want a book with strong character development, you’ll be happy! I really liked Feyre in the first book, but she had to go through a lot to save Tamlin and the Fae. This book starts out with her having severe PTSD after those trials. As Feyre tries to feel normal again, Tamlin pushes her closer to the edge by constantly trying to protect her and keep her safe, practically refusing to let her leave the house for ‘her own protection’ (Internal scream). Enter Rhys – the mysterious and totally underrated anti-hero from the first book. Owning up to his bargain from the last book, Rhys makes Feyre join him at the Night Court and that’s where the story begins. In the Night Court, Feyre learns about the upcoming war and threats to both the Fae and the humans and Rhys offers to train her so that she can help fight against these threats.

Feyre is my hero! Throughout the book, she grows from someone struggling just to get up in the morning due to her guilt and depression to someone who owns her strength and is confident in her ability to contribute to the world around her. She realizes that she deserves happiness. And that is a story that needs to be told more often! It is extremely relateable even if the magic and Fae and circumstances are not.

Me when I realized I had finished the book and had to wait for the next one in the series

This book welcomes a whole new gang of side characters that instantly captured my heart as you meet the leaders of the Night Court. But the true gem is getting to understand Rhys better. He is such a multi-faceted character who puts on different personas depending on where he is.

For those of you who loved Tamlin, well I’m sorry to disappoint you but he is barely in it and when he is, he is being a chauvinistic jerk who treats Feyre as his pet rather than his equal. This book is not a romance and that was my favorite part. Now, before you get worried if you love romance (I know I do!) there are definitely some couples coming out of the woodwork and a beautiful slow burn romance throughout the book. But that is a subplot. This story focuses on Feyre discovering who she is now that she is a Fae and learning how she can help save her new world.

My only note is that Maas uses the words “hiss” and “snarl” a bit too much but I can forgive that with just how great the plot and characters were.  I highly recommend it!




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