Mood Board Monday

Monday Mood Board

My bestie Kendal and I are getting super into creating Monday mood boards to keep us motivated throughout the week.

writing mood board.PNG
All pictures found on Pinterest

I’m a senior and I finally fit in a creative writing course and I have been loving it! My professor this week gave us a nice perspective about committing to our writing and finally calling ourselves ‘writers’ so this week I am recommitting to my writing. I recently started my new fantasy novel and I’m hoping to be able to get knee deep in it this upcoming week – especially with spring break coming.

With this in mind, I pulled pictures that inspired me to curl up with a notebook and bring some characters and stories to life. I absolutely love the two pillows and may have to ask for them for my upcoming birthday.

My friends Victoria and Emma are joining me on a glamping trip in the NC mountains where we’ll be drinking wine, relaxing, reading, and writing. I am so pumped. The middle picture is hopefully what I will be doing – writing with some beautiful scenery and freshly brewed coffee. I can’t wait!

What’s keeping you all inspired this week?



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