Second Semester Senior Slump

Well, if any of you are like me, you are a second semester senior currently struggling to stay invested in your classes and keep up with your academic work. There’s just so much temptation to slack off – either you’ve got a job lined up, you’re burnt out and tired of schoolwork, or you’d rather spend your last few months with friends.

I get it and I’m compiled a list of tips to hopefully help both you and me stay motivated to end our undergraduate experience on a high note!


Relate class to what you will be doing

If you’re anxious to get started in your graduate program or in your career, find ways to see your classes and assignments as training for your future rather than another hurtle to overcome before you graduate.


Take more frequent breaks

Take shorter but more frequent breaks while studying or working to keep from draining yourself. For every thirty minute of work, take a ten minute break rather than a longer break every hour.


Study Groups

Working with other students will help you  stay focused and invested. Even if your besties aren’t in your classes, just doing work by each other will still feel like bonding time and you can finish your homework.




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