School Work Music

Nothing can keep you motivated while doing school work quite like the perfect playlist – except of course coffee 🙂

The music that I choose to listen to greatly depends upon the work that I am doing.


Making Study Guides Based on Old Notes

My friends definitely tease me for this playlist but something about Eminem rapping always makes me feel like a badass even if I’m just organizing and re-writing biology notes. It helps me stay motivated.

Writing a Paper

When writing a scholarly paper, I prefer music without words. I find that Spanish guitar is a bit more energizing than classical pieces like Mozart or Bach.

Reading the Textbook/Taking Notes

Disney keeps me happy and I can hum along to my childhood favs without being too distracted.

Creative Writing Class

For writing poetry or stories for my creative writing class, I love these songs because they are all pretty emotional but I know them well enough that I don’t get inherently distracted by them playing in the background.


What do you listen to when working? I’m always look for new recommendations so hit me up in the comments with suggestions!


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