Make Studying Colorful

Any of my friends and classmates can tell you that I am OBSESSED with making my notes and study guides as pretty and colorful as possible. I utilize gel pens, fine tip sharpies, and bright cardstock all in the hopes of making my studying a little more exciting – and as a happy addition, making these study guides helps me retain the material better as well.



I try to do only one cardstock (front and back) per chapter or main topic so I only focus on the truly important details. you have to prioritize and organize to make these and by doing so, you are already studying. I include charts, lists, and key diagrams.

By rewriting and drawing out important diagrams and charts, you are implementing more senses than just listening especially by using multiple colors. This helps reinforce the material so much better than just looking at notes.



One thing that I highly recommend is color coding your study guides. I pick one color of cardstock per class so when I go to study, I can just grab all of the sheets of one color. Immunology is green, Anatomy is orange, Molec and Cell is pink and so on.

Happy studying!




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