Mood Board Monday

Mood Board 7

mood board 7
All photos from Pinterest

The idea of ‘adulting’ has been heavy on my mind. The prospect of graduating in less than 50 days  provides me nightmares of medical school loans, living on my own, and leaving my best friends. So this week, I want to keep all the exciting aspects of graduating on my mind like starting medical school, meeting new people, moving to a hip city, and getting to decorate my first real apartment.

I pulled pictures of apartments and decor that were soothing and natural. I love all the wood and hope I can find a place with hardwood floors like the ones in these pictures. I just love how cozy and organic these rooms look. As I am officially addicted to coffee, I love the mug holder and the coffee corner ideas. I asked for a coffee maker as a grad gift so the beautiful set up in the right corner of my mood board would be a great way to display it 🙂

For those of you graduating, what’s keeping you excited? Does anyone have any apartment ideas because I am loving the brainstorming!

Be sure to check out my friend Kendal’s mood board.


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