Origins: A Perfect World

This past weekend, my friend Kendal and I went to the Origins event in Raleigh South Point Mall. It was the launch of their line A Perfect World and it was sponsored by Influenster. Influenster is a free blogger network with tons of product reviews.


At the event, we were treated to samples, a fun tea reading (apparently I’ll be taking care of six kids one day?!), and free facials. During the facial, I was allowed to test the A Perfect World line.

origins moisturizer

I’ll preface by saying that I have super sensitive skin. Once, after washing my make up off, my roommate thought I had to go to the hospital due to an allergic reaction – that’s how red I was! This makes it difficult to find products that won’t cause flare ups or discomfort on my skin. With that said, I LOVE this line.


I have dry skin but the product is designed for all skin types in mind. I purchased products without SPF just to ensure they wouldn’t cause my skin to freak out. I bought three products: Antioxidant cleanser with white tea, Age-Defense Skin Guardian with White Tea, and Antioxidant moisturizer with white tea.


The products felt lovely on my face and my skin did not react to them at all (a first for me)! The white tea smells lovely and clean without being overpowering and after use, my skin felt smooth for hours. I’ve been using this regime now for a week and have noticed a huge change in my skin. It is less reactive and less dry and flaky. I do the routine in the morning and use the moisturizer as a nice base for my make up and then again during the evening.

All in all, I highly recommend trying out this new line!


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