Mood Board Monday

Monday Mood Board 9

mood board 9.PNG
All photos from Pinterest


So, this past week was very stressful for me for both good and bad reasons. I had a lot of schoolwork including presentations, tests, and papers and busy travel plans that included flying (something I am afraid of), driving, and meeting lots of new people. As I mentioned last week, I went up to Vermont for Closer Look Day at the college of medicine – a post is in the works detailing more about that later in the week. Overall, it was just a lot.


With this in mind, my goal for this week is to relax a bit, while still being productive. Although I still have work to do and assignments to finish, I want to keep a calmer and healthier mindset. Thus, I pulled pictures that naturally slow my breathing down and paint a soft smile on my face including lavender, water, soft textures, and dogs (because what makes you happier than a dog, I ask you?!). I always take a nice long bath when I’m having a tough time with my anxiety so I definitely plan on pulling out some bath bombs this week to help me with my goal.


What do you all do when you’re feeling anxious? I hope you all have a refreshing and stress-free week and, as always, check out my friend Kendal’s board too!




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