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Applying To Medical Schools

The 2018 application cycle is about to come under way for medical schools. One of the first steps of the application process is actually deciding where you want to apply to. The average student applies to about 20 schools. I applied to 15 myself and there was a rumor going around my school that someone applied to 75. That may seem like a good idea but applying to that many schools can get expensive fast so you may want to be a bit pickier.

Here are some of the factors I took into consideration when creating my list of schools.

medical school apps.jpeg

Location, location, location

You’ll be spending your next four years here so you want to be happy. I knew that I couldn’t stand being too far from my family even if I liked the school so I decided to only apply to schools on the east coast.

Out of State

When applying to schools out of your state, look into how ‘friendly’ they are to out of state student. You want to apply to schools that let a fairly high percentage of out of state students otherwise you may waste an application on a school that is not likely to let you in.

Review student profiles

Medical school websites often have student profiles from the past few years that include majors, research experience, average GPAs and MCAT scores. Comparing your own profile to theirs will give you an idea if this school is a realistic option for you. You want to apply to schools that match your own profile.

Review with your advisor

After compiling your list, review with both your academic advisor and your pre-health advisor. They’ll help ensure that your list is appropriate and reasonable based on your credentials.


All medical schools will help you become a doctor, but there are a few things you want to consider when investigating programs. Does the school rank? Is class lecture-based or team-based learning? How early will you get clinical experience? All of these options are good but you need to think about what is best for you. If possible, try to get contacts in the school and ask them about their own experience.

I hope this helps and best of luck with the application process!



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