Glam Grad Gifts

As a senior, I have been asked by a few of my loved ones what I may want for a graduation gift. I’ve discussed with a few of my fellow graduating friends and we came up with a pretty solid list of ideas for those of you with no clue what to get for your loved one. I tried to include a wide variety of prices for the items so that everyone could find something to fit their budget. The list is made with college graduates in mind but could definitely still work for high school graduates as well!


Coffee Maker

coffee maker

What is great about coffee makers is you there is such a diversity of prices, colors, and choices that you can personalize this gift to whoever you are buying it for. The one pictured is from Target and is priced at $99.00. This is the first thing I personally asked for because I know I’m gonna need constant access to coffee in med school and it’ll help me save money by making my own coffee more often rather than buying it. To personalize it even more you could include a travel coffee cup or a really cute mug.


Professional Purse

dagne dover

For women entering into the professional world, bags by Dagne Dover are perfect. Although they are a little pricier (the one pictured is $145) there is a wide range of options, colors, and every bag is filled with organizational compartment sand pockets making them ideal for a graduate trying to stay on top of things.


Dinner Ware

anthro plates

Graduating often means moving out and getting one’s own place. A great gift to ensure a grad feels homey in her new apartment is super cute dinner plates. I adore the Anthropology home goods section and fell in love with these plates. They’re so cute and you can buy one for only $10.00 and mix and match colors. They’ll go in any kitchen and add a lot of personality to a new home.


Cute Themed Gifts

grad mug

I absolutely love Francesca’s graduation gifts this year. They have mugs, frames, and wine glasses for super reasonable prices. The one pictures is only $16.00 and I think it is so precious especially with the removal grad cap.


I hope this helps with your shopping needs and to those of you graduating this year, congratulations!!!


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