Mood Board Monday

Monday Mood Board 11

mood board 11.PNG
All photos from Pinterest

Ah, I cannot believe I am saying this but this week is my last week as an undergraduate! By Friday, my classes will be over and my exams will be finished. Thus, for this week’s mood board I focused on the two words serene and celebratory.

I picked neutral colors and photos with energy as well as some fun mixed drinks I may try to concoct for graduation celebrations. Now, my actual graduation is not until the 20th but I will probably want to toast with friends after the final day of classes. Besides that, I just want to relax this week and spend time with friends. The school pool is open so I’d love to go there at least once this week since the weather is much warmer and just enjoy everyone’s company. Who knows, I could always study for finals on a pool chair? 🙂

To those of you also graduating, congratulations! What are some of the ways you all are celebrating?


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