Mood Board Monday

Monday Mood Board 12

mood board 12.PNG
All photos from Pinterest

Ahhhhh… it is finally here – GRAD WEEK! I am officially done with all of my undergraduate classes and finals and now it’s time to relax before the big day Saturday. I started it off right last night with a cook out with friends including hot dogs, mojitos, and a game of spike ball (I had never played before and am officially obsessed).

This week, my goals are to relax and have a great time with friends – hopefully outside since the weather should be nice. We have a lot of great sand volleyball courts around campus so I’d love to get some friendly games in. I’m definitely going to take time to just chill. I just started watching The Arrangement. I’m two episodes in and hooked so I’m excited to binge watch more.

Of course, this week there are things I need to accomplish including packing, saying goodbyes, and decorating my grad cap (I’ll def share it in a later post!). But overall I’m pumped for this week.


With summer starting shortly, my weeks are going to start to blend together so this will be my last Monday mood board… at least for the summer. But I am going to do my best to post consistently every Wednesday and Saturday this summer season so stay tuned for more ❤


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