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Favorite Book Covers

Whoever said not to judge a book by its cover was CLEARLY never overwhelmed in a fabulous book store! Because, let’s be honest, the book cover and title is what makes you reach for the book and read that back cover. So while it’s obviously not the most important part of the book, the cover does have a key role to play and there’s something so impressive that these artists do to express the feel of the book in a single snapshot that I just love to look at. I only included covers of books I have actually read.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite book covers of all time…

Three Dark Crowns


Each crown perfectly represents each of the main 3 queens which you appreciate even more after reading it.


meg steve alten

Yes, the cover is a giant shark eating a t-rex is a bit much but you have to admit that it definitely grabs your attention.



Individuals with graces have distinct eye colors. The main character’s graced skill is killing so the reflection of her eye on a dagger is smart and iconic.

My Sister’s Keeper

my sister's keeper

A beautiful story of two sisters’ dependence on each other that this cover depicts.



This is one of my favorite series of all time! This novel shows America’s reactions to the divisions which is why I love the scarred statue of liberty.

Wicked Bugs: The Louse that Conquered Napoleon’s Army and Other Diabolical Insects

wicked bugs

I love this creepy but still lovely cover.

The Murmurings

the murmurings

This horror novel grabs you with this creepy cover. The story is just as creepy!

This is How You Lose Her

this is how you lose her

This collection of stories about lost love is astonishing and I really appreciated this lego-like heart.

The Cellar

the cellar

This story is haunting and heartbreaking about a young woman who is kidnapped and locked in a man’s cellar. This cover captures the haunted aspect perfectly.

Tiger Lily

tiger lily

This novel tells the story of Peter Pan from Tiger Lily’s perspective. I love the colors and textures of the dress on the cover!

Let me know your own favorite covers! If you try any of these books, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Believe me, the stories are as great as the cover images ❤



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