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So, you’ve decided to take the MCAT

So, you’ve decided to take the MCAT, congratulations! Now, what?


The Medical College admission Test (MCAT) is a beast of a test that is required for prospective medical students in the United Sates. It takes 7.5 hours to complete, is a significant component of your application, and causes some students to spend months studying in preparation. So, what do you need to know about?


mcat books

The MCAT recently changed

The test had a huge redesign in 2015. Thus, if you’re planning on buying old books to save money, it may not be worth the cash saved to get a book prior to 2015. The biggest changes to the MCAT were the elimination of the writing portion and less math. Now, there are four sections: Biological and Biochemical Foundations, Chemical and Physical Foundations, Social and Biological Foundations, and Critical Analysis and Reasoning.

When you take it is important

Admissions are rolling. Even though you want to be as prepared as possible, if you are taking the exam in the same year you are applying, you want to receive your scores early enough to apply earlier in the cycle.

mcat studying

Know your study plan

Create a study plan before you start studying. Are you going to break it down by class or mix it up? How often will you take practice exams? With creating a rough outline, you need to consider if you’re actively taking classes or

Be smart with your study supplies

You will not read every single textbook or prep book. Do not make flashcards for every concept. Do what you think will be useful and focus on that. I recommend one set of prep books (I read the seven Kaplan books myself). Then re-use old notes and online practice exams.


Good luck with your studies!


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