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Monday Mood Board 9

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So, this past week was very stressful for me for both good and bad reasons. I had a lot of schoolwork including presentations, tests, and papers and busy travel plans that included flying (something I am afraid of), driving, and meeting lots of new people. As I mentioned last week, I went up to Vermont for Closer Look Day at the college of medicine – a post is in the works detailing more about that later in the week. Overall, it was just a lot.


With this in mind, my goal for this week is to relax a bit, while still being productive. Although I still have work to do and assignments to finish, I want to keep a calmer and healthier mindset. Thus, I pulled pictures that naturally slow my breathing down and paint a soft smile on my face including lavender, water, soft textures, and dogs (because what makes you happier than a dog, I ask you?!). I always take a nice long bath when I’m having a tough time with my anxiety so I definitely plan on pulling out some bath bombs this week to help me with my goal.


What do you all do when you’re feeling anxious? I hope you all have a refreshing and stress-free week and, as always, check out my friend Kendal’s board too!



Mood Board Monday

Monday Mood Board 8

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Today is a super big week for me! I have an important immunology test, I am defending my two year thesis project, visiting home, and I will be visiting the medical school I’ll be attending in the fall. I am both super excited and super nervous for all these events. I put the business look and classic scrubs with coffee to reflect the important things coming up and then added in class pink, spring-time images to keep me calm and happy.

The past two years I have been working on an independent research project that I will be defending to a committee this week. Then, I will be heading up north to visit with my family for a few days before driving to Vermont for a ‘Closer Look Day’. I am so so so pumped for this! I’ll be able to tour the school again, get a better look at Burlington, and hopefully meet some of my future classmates. I’ll definitely be doing a post about it next week so keep an eye out for that.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and, as always, be sure to check out my friend Kendal’s mood board as well!

Mood Board Monday

Mood Board 7

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The idea of ‘adulting’ has been heavy on my mind. The prospect of graduating in less than 50 days  provides me nightmares of medical school loans, living on my own, and leaving my best friends. So this week, I want to keep all the exciting aspects of graduating on my mind like starting medical school, meeting new people, moving to a hip city, and getting to decorate my first real apartment.

I pulled pictures of apartments and decor that were soothing and natural. I love all the wood and hope I can find a place with hardwood floors like the ones in these pictures. I just love how cozy and organic these rooms look. As I am officially addicted to coffee, I love the mug holder and the coffee corner ideas. I asked for a coffee maker as a grad gift so the beautiful set up in the right corner of my mood board would be a great way to display it 🙂

For those of you graduating, what’s keeping you excited? Does anyone have any apartment ideas because I am loving the brainstorming!

Be sure to check out my friend Kendal’s mood board.

Mood Board Monday

Monday Mood Board 6

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I’m so excited that it is officially spring here in North Carolina which means I get to wear shorts, study outside by the lake, and enjoy the beautiful views on my campus. This excitement clearly was channeled into my boho spring mood board.

One of my favorite things about spring is spending time outside on either a bike ride or appreciating the flowers. Luckily, my campus is ridiculous when it comes to landscaping so there are tons of pretty views to see.

I included the gladiator picture because they are my favorite shoes to wear in the spring but my ones from last year officially died. So if anyone has any recommendations on great stores to buy some new ones, hit me up!

What is keeping you all excited this Monday morning? I hope you all have a great day and a week filled with sunshine!!

Be sure to check out my friend Kendal’s monday mood board too. 🙂


Mood Board Monday

Monday Mood Board 5

My bestie Kendal and I are still obsessed with making weekly mood boards. I find just the process of choosing a focus and photos that go along with it helps get me into the ideal mindset for the upcoming week.

mood board 5
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I’ve really been gravitating towards blue lately – specifically the light washed denim shade of blue so I knew I wanted that to be my color theme. Then, I found this picture of Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy in blue scrubs and knew that my mood board would focus on my aspirations of one day becoming a surgeon like her. With that in mind, I chose photos that invoked professionalism, determination, and fabulous note taking abilities.

After a beautiful and relaxing spring break, I think I need this focused, driven mindset to survive my first week back in classes.


Mood Board Monday

Monday Mood Board 4


mood board 4
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This week’s mood board is all about my glamping trip which I am just about to leave for in thirty minutes! I am so excited to be heading up to a log cabin with my friends and just read, take photos, write, and explore the mountain trails of NC. I pulled pictures that made me feel excited to just unplug and enjoy nature and fulfill all of my wanderlust.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and make sure to get outside some, because if you’re anything like me, it’ll make your day that much better!

Mood Board Monday

Monday Mood Board

My bestie Kendal and I are getting super into creating Monday mood boards to keep us motivated throughout the week.

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I’m a senior and I finally fit in a creative writing course and I have been loving it! My professor this week gave us a nice perspective about committing to our writing and finally calling ourselves ‘writers’ so this week I am recommitting to my writing. I recently started my new fantasy novel and I’m hoping to be able to get knee deep in it this upcoming week – especially with spring break coming.

With this in mind, I pulled pictures that inspired me to curl up with a notebook and bring some characters and stories to life. I absolutely love the two pillows and may have to ask for them for my upcoming birthday.

My friends Victoria and Emma are joining me on a glamping trip in the NC mountains where we’ll be drinking wine, relaxing, reading, and writing. I am so pumped. The middle picture is hopefully what I will be doing – writing with some beautiful scenery and freshly brewed coffee. I can’t wait!

What’s keeping you all inspired this week?